The Art of Game Engine Development

I've written several articles explaining how a game engine works. However, I feel that I left out an important concept.

Over the years, my view on Game Engine development has evolved. It has changed from "This is how you develop a game engine" to "There is no one way to develop a game engine."

When I started, I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours pouring over technical books; learning, deciphering code snippets and trying to implement the same ideas I learned on my game engine.

There is nothing wrong with the approach mentioned above. But over the years, I realized that Game Engine development is not only science, but it is also an ART.

There was a point in the development of the engine when I stopped treating the implementations provided in technical books as "Gospel." Instead, I would make an effort to truly understand the "concept" and then go on and implement it my way.

When I did this, I started to fall in love with Game Engine Development. That was the moment that I felt that I was genuinely doing Engineering.

To develop a game engine, focus on understanding the primary role of each component, but implement the internals of each component, not as mentioned in a book, but as YOU think is the best way.

In other words, let your creativity flow through your game engine. Game Engine Development is science mixed with "technical" art.

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.