Tools and Libraries for Game Engine Dev

In this video, I share tools & libraries you may want to use to interface with your game engine.

I talk about tools popular among game developers to design 3D game characters, sprites, and fonts. I also share two libraries that you can use to extract the data from these tools.

Finally, I also share two additional tools that I have found very useful. One of them generates normal maps, occlusion maps, and displacement maps. The other tool will reduce your png files significantly.



Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box

In this video, I'm going to share tips to help you think outside the box and approach game engine dev from a different perspective.

Useful tips for Game Engine Dev

Useful tips for Game Engine Dev

This live stream will go over tips and insights that will help you develop a game engine. I have accumulated these tips throughout the development of my game engine and I'm sharing them with you. Enjoy.

Implementing the A* algorithm

Hi guys,

Just sharing my latest live stream where I talk about the progress of my game engine, Untold Engine. I talked about the A* algorithm, navigation mesh (navmesh), and how I implemented the algorithm and the data from the navmesh to find the optimal path a character can take to reach a target. I hope you find it useful and hopefully interesting.

Here is the full live stream:


Live Stream Highlight

Since I know you are busy and may not have time to watch the entire stream, here is the main highlight:


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Implementing the AI Collision Avoidance Behavior

Hi guys,

This is my latest live stream. I shared how I implemented an AI Collision Avoidance Steering Behavior in the game engine. I also shared my thoughts on why I recommend Game Engine Developers to take some time to learn tools such as Blender 3D. I hope you find it useful.

Here is the full live stream.

FYI. I failed to properly explain how the Boundary Volume Hierarchy works (min 10). Here is a link to the correct explanation: Visualizing the Boundary Volume Hierarchy



I know that you may not have time to watch the complete live stream, so here are some highlights.

How I implemented a Collision Avoidance Steering Behavior


Tools I recommend Game Engine Devs to learn


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