Hi, my name is Harold. I develop 3D game engines.

On July 21, 2016, around 2:00 am, I did it!!! I created a 3D Game Engine from scratch.

It took three years, about 1,095 days, approximately 15,330 hours of work. And against all the odds, I did it. I developed what many considered impossible.

However, it took an additional two years to develop a working, fully functional 3D game engine that could be used by the public.

On July 28, 2018, I released the Untold Engine to the public.

In version beta v0.0.11 I implemented several camera behaviors such as First Person Camera and Third Person Camera. The particle system was also improved. Moreover, the camera culling was also improved.

Latest Game Engine Versions

Read more about the latest versions here.

In version v0.0.10, I added official support for iOS and Mac platform. I also added support for the "Nimbus" game controller.
In version v0.0.9, I enhanced the Collision Detection System and the Digital Asset Loader.
In version v0.0.8 of the game engine I fixed some memory leakage issues and improved the rendering-ordering algorithm.
Added particle system to the engine. The engine can generate smoke, explosions and other particle types.
Improved the rendering efficiency of the game engine by implemented Frustum Culling + BVH tree algorithm.
This video shows the game engine using the Metal API for its rendering operations. The game engine no longer uses OpenGL.
In this beta version v0.0.4, I implemented a primitive particle system, thus allowing explosion effects to occur once a missile hits the asteroid. I also enabled multi-touch, this allows the spaceship to turn as it speeds up. I also set up collision filters among object types. For example, object A and object B can collide; object A and object C can collide, but any collision among object B and Object C is ignored.
In this beta version v0.0.3 of the engine, animations and collision detection can work simultaneously. The BHV algorithm was improved helping the engine make better decisions when pairing up 3D models for collision detection. The MVC (Model-View-Controller) flow of information was also improved.
Version v0.0.2 The game engine is capable of detecting collision between any convex models. Emulates physical forces such as gravity, drag, etc. Renders shadows.
Version v0.0.1 The game engine is capable of rendering 3D models with textures/normal maps, animation, skyboxes, fonts, sprites and contains a digital asset importer.

How it all began?