Errors in Projects

1. "Couldn't decode the image. decoder error 29: first chunk is not the header chunk"

If you are getting this error message in OpenGL/Metal Projects, the settings in Xcode is preventing the loading of png images.

To fix this, click on the project name, and select "Build Settings". Search for "Compress PNG Files". Set this option (debugger/Release) to NO.

Right below this option, you should see "Remove Text Metadata From PNG FIles". Set this option to NO.

When you build and run the project, the error mentioned above should go away and the png images should show up.

2. "No such file or directory: ...xxxx-Prefix.pch '

You may get an error while opening/running the project demos. The most common issue I have seen is the "No such file or directory...xxxx-Prefix" error.

This error means that the project does not have a PCH file. The fix is very simple:

  1. In Xcode, go to new->file->PCH File. Name the PCH file: 'NameOfProject-Prefix' where "NameOfProject" is the name of the demo you are trying to open. In the OpenGL demo projects, I usually named the projects as "openglesinc."

  2. Make sure the file is saved within the 'NameOfProject' folder.

  3. Click create.

This should fix any issues you may have while opening the demo.

If you are getting additional errors, please contact me.