Developing a game engine has taught me more than I ever imagined. Now, I want to share what I know with you. Enjoy.

In this page you can find the following topics:

I live stream the development of the game engine on my Youtube Channel. Join me and learn.

Game Engine Articles

These articles offer an overview on how to develop a Game Engine. I strongly recommend you to read How does game engine work? An Overview. It provides an overview at a high level on how a game engine works.

Metal Projects

Metal is the new graphics library from Apple. I have decided to become an expert on this API. Here are my new articles and projects using Metal:

Beginner Level

  1. Introduction to Computer Graphics
  2. Getting Started with Metal
  3. Rotating a 2D object using Metal
  4. Rendering 3D objects in Metal
  5. Simple 3D Shading using using Metal
  6. Applying Textures to 3D models using Metal
  7. Applying Light to a 3D model using Metal

OpenGL Articles

If you are planning to use OpenGL in your game engine, then you may want to understand how the OpenGL API works. I recommend to read these articles.

C++ Articles

To develop a Game Engine, you can use any language you want. I use C++. It is fast and powerful. If you are planning to develop your engine using C++, I recommend you to read these articles.

C++ Basic Knowledge

C++ Tips