Game Engine v0.0.8

Is hard to believe but the game engine is getting better and better as time passes. This month I focused on fixing two significant issues related to memory and rendering.

Here is a demo of v0.0.8 of the game engine:

In version v0.0.8 of the game engine I fixed some memory leakage issues and improved the rendering-ordering algorithm.

Substantial memory leaks were happening all over the engine. The leakage was something I could no longer ignore, so this month I focused on fixing this issue. I used Xcode's Instrument app to help me locate the memory leakage throughout the engine. I'm now happy to say that the engine is 99% leakage free. There is a small leakage that is happening when using the Collision Detection System. Unfortunately, I caught the leakage after I created the video demo for v0.0.8. The good thing is that is small, and I will fix it in v.0.09.

I also added Ordering functionality in the scenegraph. As you may know, entities such as text, skyboxes, and images, must be rendered last due to Blending requirements. Unfortunately, it meant that I had to add these objects into the scenegraph in a particular order. Naturally, such restriction is not acceptable. So, I added functionality into the scenegraph that orders these entities depending on their Z-Depth value.

I also found another issue related to Shadows. I noticed that the Shadows in the game engine have aliasing problems. I will fix this issue in v0.0.9.

Thanks for reading.

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.