Build a habit to code every day

You may be an indie developer with a full-time job whose only chance to code is during lunch, after work or on weekends. Even though you may have limited time to focus on coding, you should strive to code daily.

Don’t code a lot. But do code often

Writers and coders share similar struggles. For a writer to become a master at his craft, it is recommended to write 1,000 words daily.

For coders, it is absurd to follow the same recipe. Instead of focusing on how many lines of code you will write daily, focus on coding small tasks daily.

For example, strive to code just one function or method per day. During the weekends aim to code one feature of the game, but keep it realistic. The point is Not to code a lot, But to code often. Focus on building a coding habit first.

Have a To-Do list

A tip to keep you going is to have a To-Do list. Every morning, list your coding task for the day. The task should be small and doable within an hour or less. When you have completed your coding assignment, check off the task. Believe it or not, checking off the task tricks your mind into thinking that it was productive; even if the work accomplished was small.

The goal is not to code only one day of the week for 5 hours but to code 1 hour every day of the week. Habits are made by showing up every day.

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.