Should you use the Git terminal or GUI?

Use both!!!

The Git terminal offers you the opportunity to learn and dig deep into how Git works. The GUI provides you productivity and efficiency. And as a programmer, you need both.

Git Terminal

Git Terminal

If you haven't use the Git terminal, you should set aside a weekend to learn how to use it. You will learn functionality not available through any GUIs yet. But more than that, you will learn how to fix problems if they ever arise. The GUI will not be able to fix everything for you, and you will have to roll your sleeves and get "under the hood" to fix it.



And if you haven't use the GUI, you should download it and play with it. The GUI puts every git command into a black box so you can focus on your application and get it done. It makes you efficient and productive. And the best thing, it minimizes all the typing you have to do in the terminal.

I'm not asking you to change your work habit. Keep working on the terminal if that is what you like, but be aware of other options. Or keep using the GUI but don't deny yourself the opportunity to learn through the terminal.

I use the GUI 90% of the time because I like to focus on productivity. However, I also know how to use the terminal if a problem arises. It wasn't always like that. To me, using the terminal was just too cumbersome and tedious. I denied myself the opportunity to learn Git through the command-line until the GUI couldn't fix my problem.

So acquire knowledge and be productive.

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.