A productivity app for your Git issues

I enjoy books about productivity. My favorite books on productivity are "The One Thing" and "Essentialism". I am also a minimalist. I like to keep things simple and reduce clutter as much as possible. My work habits and my coding style reflects this behavior.

I came across this productivity app called Todoist a while ago. It is one of the most beautiful and useful apps I have used. With all honesty, it has helped me stay focused and productive with my game engine project. I would recommend this app to anyone.

Unfortunately, the target audience for this app is not indie developers. Indie developers work differently. If you are not a developer, let me explain what I mean. During the process of an app development, we keep track of any code changes in a centralized repository known as Git. Aside from tracking any changes in code, Git also maintains a list of Issues. Issues are bugs and feature requests for the app. Issues can be tagged as a bug, feature, to-do, in progress, etc.

Once I get home, and I'm ready to work on my Game Engine, I take a look at all current Issues and update their tags. The ones I can work on during the day I set them as "to-do". The Issue I will be working on, I tag it as "In-Progress." Most of the time, I can't complete an Issue on the same day. When this happens, I write a comment in the Issue, which serves as a note.

Here is a screenshot of my issues in Git:

Git issues

Git issues

So what is the problem?

The problem is that I find myself duplicating work. In the Todoist app, I duplicate what I already do in Git. For every task (an issue), I change the tags, add a comment, etc. I wondered if there was an app that combined the features of a To-Do list with the power of Git.

I came across this app called Bee that does exactly that. It combines the beauty and simplicity of Todoist with Git Issues. Bee keeps track of your Git Issues. It allows you to add an Issue to Git, change its tags and add comments right from the GUI. The app sorts your Issues and assigns them to a particular list depending on their tags.

Here is a screenshot of my issues sorted in Bee.

Bee Issue Tracking App

Bee Issue Tracking App

I don't have to log into my Git account every time I want to update the progress of an issue or lose track of which issue to work on next. I love this app. It combines the beauty of Todoist and Git Issues. Give it a try; it is awesome.

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.