Development of a Soccer Mobile Game

On Jan 2017, I decided to develop a mobile soccer game using my 3D game engine.

I also decided to document the development of the game and share with you its progress. Enjoy.

Game Updates

Implementing a Pathfinder algorithm- Soccer Game v0.0.6

In this version of the game, I implemented a Pathfinder algorithm. As the video shows, the AI system computes a path towards the goal. Notice how the white jersey player drives the ball towards the goal. Read More

Cleaning up the AI Architecture- Soccer Game v0.0.5

This month I focused on cleaning up the AI game architecture. As it turned out I was violating an OOP principle which states that "A class should have only one responsibility." In my case, one of the classes was not only responsible for assigning roles to each player, such as the attacker, defender and supporter role. It was also responsible for executing AI algorithms. Read More

Implementing team formation-Soccer Game v0.0.4

This week was a very productive week for the development of the soccer game. As you can see in the video, I implemented most of the 11 players per team. I also added the goal posts. I improved the performance of the game and its AI. Supporter players no longer go out of bound whenever they search for a good passing angle. Additionally, I added a feature that controls the strength of the kick depending on how long you press the game buttons. Read More

Computing Defending Positions-Soccer Game v0.0.3

This month, I worked on improving the AI of the game. The system is able to determine the best supporting players and the best passing angles. The system is also able to determine the best defending position where the probability to intercept a pass is most likely. Read More

Enabling communication among players -Soccer Game v0.0.2

This month I focused on developing a messaging system for the AI. As the video shows, the players can now communicate among themselves and be alerted whenever a player is passing the ball. Read More

Enabling a player's kick animation-Soccer Game v0.0.1

To test the features of the game engine, I decided to develop a 3D mobile soccer game. Such type of game requires the use of a physics engine, an animation system, collision detection system and the development of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system. There is no better type of game in my opinion that can be used to fully test the features of my game engine. On top of that, I enjoy playing soccer and is a game that I do understand. Read more.