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Must Read Articles

These are must read articles in Game Engine Development, OpenGL and C++.

Game Engine Articles

Ever wondered how a game engine works? These articles will give you an overview of Game Engine design.

  1. How does a Game Engine work? An Overview
  2. How does a Rendering Engine work? An Overview
  3. How does a Physics Engine work? An Overview
  4. Design Patterns in Game Engine Development

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OpenGL ES articles

If you are planning to use OpenGL in your game engine, then you may want to understand how the OpenGL API works. I recommend to read these articles.

  1. What is OpenGL
  2. What is a Vertex Shader
  3. What is a Fragment Shader
  4. Understanding OpenGL Objects
  5. Visualizing OpenGL Objects
  6. Brief talk about OpenGL Textures
  7. Compiling, Attaching and Linking Shaders

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C++ articles

To develop a Game Engine, you can use any language you want. I use C++. It is fast and powerful. If you are planning to develop your engine using C++, I recommend you to read these articles.

  1. How to use virtual destructors
  2. How to use namespaces
  3. Always initialize C++ Objects
  4. Never call a virtual function during destrucion
  5. Prefer pass-by-reference-to-const to pass-by-value
  6. Don't return a reference when you must return an object
  7. Delay construction of objects until they are needed
  8. References are Aliases, not Pointers
  9. Avoid memory leaks in C++ with Smart Pointers
  10. Avoid code duplication in C++ with function templates
  11. Avoid code duplication with Class Templates in C++

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